This is Coach Anke riding the procrastination beastI am so happy to see you here on my little page!

My name is Anke, I live in Frankfurt, Germany, with a direct connection to the Airport (so if you ever happen to have a layover and find yourself in need of an in-person coaching session, we can make that happen!).

In my life bk (that’s “before kid”), I worked at a big German university. I am a Geneticist and Agricultural Engineer (so all the procrastination-beast taming will be done under animal welfare protocols 😉 ), and I found my love for Coaching while helping students finding careers in the Life Science industry.

I was always interested in Coaching, had used it myself with great results – but being on the other side all of the sudden (and quite unexpectedly as it was not in the job description 😉 ) – I loved it.
So I started learning all I could, took classes, practiced my skills, had a baby, took maternity leave, moved countries, moved back…wait, where was I?

Anyway, now I am back in Germany, have registered with the Tax Agency (because… Germany. Rules. Laws. Regulations!) and am able to officially offer my services!


Oh –  And I know the website is far from perfect. Please bear with me while I tinker with all the settings and fill it with content. I am a recovering perfectionist, but I always repeat a mantra I learned from Mayi Carles – “Done is better than perfect!”


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Why is your business called “The German Coach”?

Because I am German, duh. But actually, it is not such a silly question after all. So well done, you! While I was spending time abroad (living, working, studying and/or traveling) I had a lot of people making really positive statements about “the Germans”. Such a pleasant surprise! So apparently we are organized, punctual, productive… I take it! (Spoiler alert: we are not all all of these things all of the time. Sorry. But I do my best to fulfill these “positive prejudices”. I feel the pressure 😉 )

But I am also German – can you coach me in German?

Aber klar. Lustigerweise ist meine Ausbildung auf Englisch, also muss ich vielleicht manchmal nach einem Fachwort suchen oder eine Übung übersetzen, aber das kriegen wir hin!

How can I work with you?

If you read this, I assume you have internet. Great! That means we can work together! Our calls can be via Skype or Zoom or any other conference application we agree on. With or without video, whatever you prefer.

I am in NYC, what about the time difference?

Ooooh, that’s the beauty! If you are based on the Eastcoast of the US I am able to offer you “Good Morning Coaching” at an unreasonably early time! So, if you what to set your daily goals before your kids wake up or while you drive to work, I am here, wide-awake, because it is 6 hours later in Germany! So you might be yawning – I am not. And don’t worry, we can do it without video 😉

I want to contact you!

Absolutely! Please feel free to drop me a line under anke@thegermancoach.com or come and hang out with me on Instagram, my favorite playground!
Or use this link to schedule a free first call with me! If there is no suitable time offered, you can always send me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Come play, don’t be shy 🙂